Meet the Author

Cathy Jo is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, where she has lived all her life. She is a product of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. She has been employed by the Cleveland Public Library system for 31 years, where she began as a page in the Literature department. It was there that her love for reading and writing was further fostered. Although she has been writing since the age of eleven—when her mother bought her her first of many diaries—Cathy Jo’s first foray into the world of creative embellishment really began when she would regale her sister, Diane Keeley, with elaborate stories based on dreams she’d experienced during a night’s sleep.


Cathy Jo inherited her mother’s love for the arts, particularly literature.

She and her siblings were always encouraged to read and would often visit the neighborhood library. Her mother’s passion for words and the English language were evident in the way she disciplined Cathy Jo and her siblings when it came to reading. “I grew up in a household where, if you didn’t know the meaning of a word, you had to look up the definition yourself, which meant you had to know how to spell,” the author says. One of her pet peeves, she admits, is “people who don’t take the time to check their spelling or learn the correct definition or usage of a word.”


In the midst of juggling a busy schedule of ministering, full-time work, volunteering for the Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland,

and college, Cathy Jo made time to devote to her love of writing. She

has various projects in different stages of development that she is

currently working on and hopes to complete them at a rate of one per year.

Transitions: Short Stories for a Rainy Day is her first published work.


Contact Cathy Jo directly at cathyjo@twistedwordpublishing.com.


photography by Photos by Ike